2014 Presidium Meeting


42nd ISM Presidium Meeting was held in Sydney, Australia

11-13 August 2014


The accepted agenda of the meeting was as follows:

  1. Welcome and opening of the 42nd ISM Presidium Meeting
  2. Confirmation of attendees
  3. Apologies
  4. Proposal and acceptance of agenda
  5. Obituaries
  6. Personal notes
  7. Approval of the Minutes of the 41st ISM Presidium Meeting held on 16-19 September 2013 in Aachen, Germany
  8. Matters arising from the Minutes of the 41st ISM Presidium Meeting
  9. Correspondence
  10. Cooperation with national institutions
  11. Membership issues and admission of new members
  12. Review of the past and report on the future ISM Congresses
    1. Report on the 2013 ISM Congress in Aachen, Germany
    2. Report on preparation to the 2016 16th International ISM Congress in Brisbane, Australia
    3. Presentation of bid(s) for 2019 17th International ISM Congress
  13. Confirmation of future International Congress and Presidium Meetings
  14. Commission Reports
    1. Commission 1: 
    2. Commission 2: 
    3. Commission 3: Mr. Norbert Benecke
    4. Commission 4: Prof. Dr. Ryszard Hejmanowski
    5. Commission 5: Dr. Martin Vrubel
    6. Commission 6: Prof. Dr. Yu Chang Xing
  15. Nominations, confirmations and acceptance of commission chairmans and members
  16. Proposals of Honorary Membership
  17. National reports I
  18. nformation regarding international and national events of interest ISM
  19. Strategic Plan
  20. Date and venue of the next ISM Presidium Meeting
  21. Miscellaneous
  22. Closure

The minutes including commission and country reports can be downloaded through the links below:

2014 Minutes (final)

2014 Minutes (attachments)