2015 Presidium Meeting (Beijing)

43rd ISM Presidium Meeting (Part B) was held in Beijing, China

16 October 2015

The accepted agenda of the meeting was as follows:

1. Presentation on “Involvement of Chinese ISM with mining subsidence technology” by Dr Huang Leting.

2. Presentation on “Mine surveying education in China” by Prof Zou Youfeng.

3. Announcement and invitation to attend the “ISM International Academic Forum 2017” by Dr Xu Liangji.

4. Report on progress with organisation of XVI ISM Congress in Brisbane, Australia by Mr Chris Moy.

5. Inclusion of Student’s Forum into the program of the next Congress by Prof Axel Preusse.

6. Application of China Coal Society (Letter dated 10.10.2015) to become a Corporate (Institutional) Member of the ISM.

The minutes of the meeting could be downloaded through the link below:

2015 Minutes - Part B (Beijing)