2017 Meeting (Trondheim)

The 45th ISM Presidium meeting was held 10 -12 May 2017, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

Agenda of the meeting:

1. Welcome and opening of the 45th ISM Presidium Meeting

2. Confirmation of attendees

3. Apologies

4. Proposal and acceptance of the agenda

5. Obituaries

6. Approval of the Minutes of the 44rd ISM Presidium Meetings:

The 44th ISM Presidium meeting that was held during the XVI International ISM Congress 12 -14 September 2016, Brisbane, Australia

7. Matters arising from the Minutes of the 45rd ISM Presidium Meeting

8. Reports

8.1 President Report & Correspondence 

8.2 Commission Reports

Commission 1: -

Commission 2: -

Commission 3: -

Commission 4: Prof. Dr. Ryszard Hejmanowski

Commission 5: -

Commission 6: -

8.3 National reports

8.3.1 Mongolia Prof. Endon Gelen

8.3.2 Vietnam Prof. Nguyen Quoc Long

8.3.3 Russia Prof. Anatoly Okhotin

8.3.4 Uzbekistan Prof. Sajjidzhabbor Sajjidkosimov

9. Membership and representation

9.1. Institutional membership: -

9.2. Country membership: -

10. Report on the progress of preparations for future ISM Congresses:

10.1. Report on preparation for (2019) XVII International ISM Congress in Irkutsk, Russia.

11. New bids for future congresses

11.1.  Bid from China

11.2.  Bid from South Africa

11.3.  Bid from Mongolia

12. Confirmation of future International Congresses and Presidium Meetings

13. Resignations, nominations, acceptance and confirmations of commission

chairmen and members

14. Proposals of Honorary Membership

14.1. Prof. Axel Preusse – The Head of Chair at the department of Nuclear Engineering and Technology Transfer, RWTH Aachen University

15. Information regarding international and national events of interest

16. Date and venue of the next ISM Presidium Meeting

10-12 May, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

17. Miscellaneous

18. Closure 

The minutes of the meeting, including commission and country reports, can be downloaded through the links below:

2017 Minutes (Draft)

Attachment 1